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Orthodontic in Bala Cynwyd

Orthodontic is a branch of dentistry that aims to monitor, regulate, and improve the growth of jaw bone, jawbone development, and tooth structure in both children and adults. Dental care is needed to obtain a harmonious relationship between the jawbone with the teeth, or to the extent to obtain better teeth arrangement. Treatment also aims to improve the function of mastication, appearance and psycho-social growth. If your teeth grow irregularly and you leave them alone, then the maxillary teeth do not meet with their partner’s teeth in the lower jaw. This will cause disturbance and damage to joints and jaw muscles. Not infrequently also cause headaches. Only a dentist knows whether you need this treatment or not. Therefore, consult your teeth immediately if not in place, thus disrupting the process of chewing and appearance. Then where Orthodontic in Bala Cynwyd can you get? The Orthodontic in Bala Cynwyd is in our Presidential Dental clinic. The Presidential Dental Bala Cynwyd Orthodontic is performed by experienced dentists for decades. Dr. Aryani will give you direction how your teeth can grow perfectly.

There are three kinds of orthodontic treatment:

-. Fixed appliances

-. Removable appliances

-. Functional appliances

The dentist will determine which treatments are most appropriate. The most widely applied treatment is treatment with fixed appliances better known by the term braces. The chances of success depend on the case and the cooperation between the dentist and the patient. If the patient is your child then the success depends on the case and the cooperation between the dentist, your child and yourself. These braces are controlled usually 1-2 months depending on the case and type of treatment.

Proper handling by experienced dentists is important in orthodontic so that your teeth can grow perfectly. Do not let your teeth grow imperfectly and make you uncomfortable. Contact us and make an appointment soon, Dr Aryani will provide the best consultation for you. Use orthodontic services at Bala Cynwyd not far from your home with the best facilities and facilities.

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