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Dentures in Bala Cynwyd

Teeth have many functions, such as cutting food, chewing, talking and beauty of the face. When our teeth are lose, we will also lose a beautiful smile, we speak unclear, and hard to chew. How to restore lost tooth function? The replacement of natural teeth with dentures is the solution to restore lost teeth. The installation of dentures in Balacynwyd is on Presidential Dental. In our office, we serve the installation of full dentures and partial dentures. You do not have to go far from your home because dentures in Bala Cynwyd can easily be found in our office not far from your home.
A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Two types of dentures are available — complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain.

Complete Dentures
Complete dentures can be either “conventional” or “immediate.” Made after the teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has begun to heal, a conventional denture is ready for placement in the mouth about eight to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed.
Unlike conventional dentures, immediate dentures are made in advance and can be positioned as soon as the teeth are removed. As a result, the wearer does not have to be without teeth during the healing period. However, bones and gums shrink over time, especially during the healing period following tooth removal. Therefore a disadvantage of immediate dentures compared with conventional dentures is that they require more adjustments to fit properly during the healing process and generally should only be considered a temporary solution until conventional dentures can be made.

Partial Dentures
A removable partial denture or bridge usually consists of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base, which is sometimes connected by metal framework that holds the denture in place in the mouth. Partial dentures are used when one or more natural teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw. A fixed bridge replaces one or more teeth by placing crowns on the teeth on either side of the space and attaching artificial teeth to them. This “bridge” is then cemented into place. Not only does a partial denture fill in the spaces created by missing teeth, it prevents other teeth from changing position. A precision partial denture is removable and has internal attachments rather than clasps that attach to the adjacent crowns. This is a more natural-looking appliance.

How to get dentures in Bala Cynwyd?

You just need to contact us to make an appointment. Come for several times appointment meet indispensable. Highly accurate impressions (molds) and measurements are taken and used to create your custom denture. Several “try-in” appointments may be necessary to ensure proper shape, color, and fit. At the final appointment, your dentist will precisely adjust and place the completed denture, ensuring a natural and comfortable fit. Once your dentures are embedded in your jaw, it is common for your saliva to increase, some pain, and possibly disability and difficulty chewing, but this will subside as your muscles and tissue get used to new dentures
Our dentist will provide the best service and give you directions for dentures. Cleansing your dentures and how you make regular visits to your dental clinic. For the good of your teeth contact immediately

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