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Bala Cynwyd Children Dentistry

Dealing with dental problems in children requires special attention. Sometimes for the first time they do not like braces, but they like the perfect teeth. Combining two opposites in children requires expertise. Taking care of children’s teeth the way they like is an important part of dentistry. But where can you get the Bala Cynwyd Children Dentistry? Bala Cynwyd Children Dentistry can be served at our dental clinic. We have a comfortable orthodontic braces technology for children. With our experienced dentist, your kids will love how their teeth are treated. Dr Aryani is a dental expert who is experienced in serving  Bala Cynwyd Children Dentistry. And you do not have to go far to make a dentist’s appointment. Come and make an appointment with your dentist to make your children grow and develop with beautiful teeth.

Although patients of any age can benefit from orthodontic braces, they tend to work much quicker on pre-teens and teenagers since they are still experiencing jaw growth. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that children should first see an orthodontist around the age of seven years-old. An orthodontic examination may be beneficial before age seven if facial or oral irregularities are noted.

What Causes misalignment of teeth?

Poorly aligned teeth often cause problems speaking, biting and chewing. Most irregularities are genetic or occur as a result of developmental issues. Conversely, some irregularities are acquired or greatly exacerbated by certain habits and behaviors such as :

  1. Mouth breathing
  2. Thumb or finger sucking
  3. Prolonged pacifier use
  4. Poor oral hygiene
  5. Poor nutrition

What’s involved when a child gets braces?

The orthodontist initially conducts a visual examination of the child’s teeth. This will be accompanied by panoramic X-rays, study models (bite impressions), and computer generated images of the head and neck. These preliminary assessments are sometimes known as the “planning phase” because they aid the orthodontist in making a diagnosis and planning the most effective treatment.

In many cases, the orthodontist will recommend “fixed” orthodontic braces for a child. Fixed braces cannot be lost, forgotten or removed at will, which means that treatment is completed more quickly. Removable appliances may also be utilized, which are less intrusive and are generally used to treat various types of defects.

Besides children braces service, we also serve various cases of teeth in children. Such as emergency dental in children, orthodontic children, preventive and dental restorations of children, and others. All you can get without having to be away from your home. Come and make an appointment with our dentist and get your child’s smile back cheerful.

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