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Root Canal Treatment at Bala Cynwyd

Does your teeth feel very painful because of cavities? Do you need a complete handler for your toothache problem? Not all toothache is done by pulling cavities. Teeth that can be maintained in the jaw should not be removed, because pulling teeth has some risk. Dental examination before determining the action will be done by the dentist before it is decided whether it is defended or revoked. If the structure of the gum tissue and tooth root is still good, then the action to be taken by your dentist is dental treatment. Dental treatment is an ongoing process that requires cooperation between dentists and patients. Root canal treatment is a brief is to clean the damaged tissue and restore the damaged tooth structure. Where can root canal treatment in Bala Cynwyd be obtained? Root canal treatment at Bala Cynwyd can be found at our Presidential Dental clinic not far from your home. You make an appointment and come to our clinic and you will be served by Dr Aryani and crew. Save your teeth and avoid retractions, use a root canal service at our clinic and let your seyum back adorn your face.

Root canal treatment process

A deep enough infection will require removal of pulp tissue (pulpectomy) to prevent recurrent infections. Usually in this case there has been inflammation and infection of the tissues under the teeth.


  1. Opening of the pulp chamber

In dental inflamed teeth, the dentist will gently clean the teeth and administer the drug devitalization (a crippling drug for the pulp) to leave for 1 week covered by a temporary patch. After a week, the dentist will open the cavities with the bur to gain wide access to the pulp chamber

  1. Pulp tissue retrieval in inflamed channels

Whole and paralyzed pulp of the root canal will be removed using a special needle. In this process the patient does not feel pain, because the paralyzed pulp no longer has an active nerve. The purpose of lifting the pulp tissue is to clean. The infected pulp is a pulp that has been contaminated by bacteria, and must be removed.

  1. Shaping – The establishment of the Root Canal

An empty root canal will be formed using a special endo needle. The purpose of this action is to eliminate bacteria attached to the walls of the root canal, remove the infected organic tissue, and form larger channels rather the material and drugs can enter properly.

  1. Sterilization

Cleaning chemically using root canal sterilization drugs is one of the keys to the success of care. This process requires good cooperation between patients – dentists. In this process, the dentist will apply root canal medications and each drug has a different working period of about 1-2 weeks, the drug is in rotation to avoid bacterial resistance. It requires patient cooperation so that temporary patches are not loose to avoid leakage. If the patch is temporarily off, then the patient is expected to return immediately to be sterilized again, at this stage can be done many times. With the hope of much reduced infection and irritation of the root tissue healed.

  1. Charging the root canal

Once the infection has been greatly reduced and irritation to the root tissue has been lost, then the root canal filling with the permanent material. Commonly used materials are gutta percha.

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